Hi, I'm Brian and I'm the chiropractor in Islington at the Angel Wellbeing Clinic.

I graduated from the Anglo European College of Chiropractic in 1995. I have a keen interest in promoting wellness and as a chiropractor wellness starts with having a spine and nervous system that functions optimally. I have a keen interest in tennis and cycling and believe that we are designed to be active and that we should be more active.

VIDEO for January health Tips

By Brian on 28th Jan 2016  

Health tips for 2016 from our Chiropractor in Islington

By Brian on 20th Jan 2016  

Christmas opening hours

By Brian on 21st Dec 2015  

What do you want from chiropractic care?

By Brian on 20th Apr 2015  

Are you well connected?

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5 ways to optimal winter health

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5 signs that you have a trapped nerve in your low back

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5 Signs that you have a Trapped Nerve in your Neck

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Chiropractic Improves Healing of Recurrent Ankle Sprains

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Cycling and Neck and Back Pain Part 2

By Brian on 22nd Jan 2015  

Cycling and Neck Pain and Back Pain

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7 Tips for Glastonbury Wellbeing

By Brian on 27th Jun 2013  

Rafa Nadal and his knee

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5 things to do over bank holiday weekend

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Chiropractic Awareness Week

By Brian on 12th Apr 2013  

Stay off the drugs:Too many can cause you a headache

By Brian on 28th Sep 2012  

NICE guidelines on headache

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VIDEO Medium difficulty prone neck flexor exercise

By Brian on 7th Sep 2012  

The Difference Between a Chiropractor and an Osteopath

By Brian on 11th Jul 2012  

'VIDEO: Denver Collins from 'On Your Bike' talks about cycling and hand and foot pain.

By Brian on 25th Apr 2012  

VIDEO: Denver Collins from 'On Your Bike' talks about cycling, low back pain and neck pain.

By Brian on 25th Apr 2012  

VIDEO: Denver explains the service "On Your Bike' offers and how it can help you.

By Brian on 25th Apr 2012  

VIDEO: Denver Collins from 'On Your Bike' gives tips on making cycling more comfortable.

By Brian on 26th Oct 2011  

Children, school bags, bad backs and a trumpet!

By Brian on 23rd Apr 2012  

Have you signed up to a McYoga class?

By Brian on 8th Feb 2012  

Massage Special Offer

By Julie on 21st Jan 2012  

10 ways to survive Christmas day!

By Brian on 8th Dec 2011  

Osteoporosis can be the cause of the sudden onset of mid back pain in the 40's, 50's and 60's

By Brian on 10th Nov 2011  

Piriformis syndrome can mimic a slipped disc or trapped nerve and cause sciatica and leg pain.

By Brian on 3rd Nov 2011  

Slipped disc and trapped nerve in the neck can cause neck, shoulder and arm and hand pain.

By Brian on 25th Oct 2011  

London to Paris bike ride and how to prevent back ache when cycling.

By Brian on 23rd Oct 2011  

Do you know there are different types of slipped discs?

By Brian on 21st Oct 2011  

Spinal stenosis and back pain

By Brian on 18th Oct 2011  

Video of self-help advice from the chiropractor about back pain.

By Brian on 9th Oct 2011  

Video about what to expect on your first visit to the chiropractor.

By Brian on 9th Oct 2011  

Runners knee is inflammation and irritation of the lower part of the iliotibial band as it rubs against the outside of the knee.

By Brian on 9th Oct 2011  

Spondylitis is often used to describe the changes to the back that can lead to back pain.

By brian on 11th Jul 2011  

Iliotibial band syndrome or runners knee is common so is treating Vastus medialis the magic cure? Find out more by reading the complete article!

By Brian on 11th Jul 2011