Brachycephaly and Torticollis in Seven Month Baby

My 7 months old son Brody was diagnosed with mild Torticollis and severe Brachycephaly and he had to wear a TMI band helmet. I was recommended by my sister to look into cranial osteopathic on the internet and I found Angel Wellbeing. Brody tends to arch his back, had bad reflux and sleeps on his back all the time so with the first session with Eglantine, she discovered he had a tense upper body.


After Brody's first treatment, there was a noticeable improvement! After the second and third sessions, Brody now sleeps on his sides, enjoys tummy time, has much less reflux and is a much more relaxed happy boy. This helps Brody to wear his helmet with more ease and sleep better in it.


It was a great positive experience for both of us and we enjoyed Eglantine's company and we cannot thank Angel Wellbeing enough, in fact I wish I had known about this earlier when Brody was younger so it would have probably prevented his flat head.

Thank you for your support and assistance!

Isabel and Brody

By Eglantine on 27th Feb 2014   Share |

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