Strapping and taping techniques are some of the most important and most visible skills a physiotherapist, sports therapist or athletic trainer working with sports men and women can have.

Strapping and taping techniques can help prevent injury as well as protect the athlete from re-injury whilst returning to sport and provide compression to a recently injured joint.
The principles of taping are pretty much the same for all applications. An anchor point is applied then support strips of tape restrict movement or provide support.

The role of tape is to limit the movement in an injured joint to prevent excess or abnormal movement. In addition it should provide support to the muscles surrounding the joint that may be under additional strain due to the ligament injury.

Another benefit of taping is thought to be the enhanced proprioception (or kinaesthetic feedback) that the tape provides during movement (or in other words it is thought to improve co-ordination).

For example if a taped ankle starts to invert (turn over) during a jump then the tape will restrict this and inform the body that it needs to contract muscles to prevent this movement in the ankle.

Without this feedback the athlete may be unaware the ankle has started to invert and land on it badly injuring it again.

Tape can also be used to protect unstable joints where repeated or severe ligament damage has resulted in stretching of the ligaments and joint laxity. For examples athletes who repeatedly suffer ankle sprains due to laxity of the joint may benefit from taping or wearing an ankle brace to support the joint because the ligaments have been stretched too much to do their job properly.

Tape is also used to secure protective pads and dressings.


K-tape is a taping technique developed by the Japanese chiropractor Dr Kenzo Kase in Japan more than 25 years ago. It claims to assist in the healing of sporting injuries. It comes in a number of bright colors and is used to help fluid circulation, do activate a muscle and to deactivate a muscle depending on how it is applied. I use Rock – Tape the best on the market and very effective.




There are a number of different of sports tape including EAB, zinc oxide tape and cohesive bandage. There are different types available on the market and their purposes in sports strapping and taping.

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