Avoid these 12 mistakes to stay on target for your marathon training.


You don’t enter an event before your marathon. You loose focus & stop progressing & improving

You over-train. You don’t give your body the rest it needs.

You don’t run for a reason. You loose sight & motivation of why your running.

You skip interval training. Therefore not improving your speed

You ignore the 10 per cent rule. You increase your runs more than 10%

You don’t refuel post-run. Your muscles become dehydrated

You don’t adjust your shoes. Your laces become loose & shoes become less supportive

You stretch your muscles before they are warmed up. This will cause muscle strain & injuries

You exercise during your taper. Your body hasn’t been given enough time to rest & recover.

You pick the wrong training plan. You train not to suit your body type & lifestyle.

Forgetting your oyster card.

Not receiving massage pre & post race day. INJURIES!


By Julie on 6th Apr 2013   Share |

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