Strapping and Brace Support for Patellar Tendinopathy

1. The patient is sat on the floor with the knee bent to a right angle and the foot flat on the floor. Use under wrap / fixation tape around the knee and under the rigid tape for comfort and sensitive skin. It the leg is hairy you should ideally shave it.


2. Twist 1 piece tape twice and place the tape centrally – 1cm below point of patella, repeat with another of the same


3. Split 1 piece of tape length ways (so it’s ½ width) and place across tape of the other 2 pieces, repeat.

4. Apply one final wrap of the tape at full thickness around the knee without twisting, to secure the strapping in place.


5. This strapping needs to be FIRM AS POSSIBLE without being a tourniquet.


6. Alternatively, if you plan on using this style of tapping for a prolonged period, to prevent skin irritation or tearing you may want to consider purchasing a counterforce brace.




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