Sports massage and therapeutic massage in Islington and recovery from running a marathon

This article is by Julie Curran the sports massage therapist at Islington’s Angel Wellbeing Clinic.

The Virgin London Marathon is coming up this weekend and this comes a week after the Brighton Marathon. So good luck to anyone that ran a marathon last week and is doing another one this weekend!

We have seen a number of patients over the last few weeks at the Angel Massage Clinic in Islington with the aches and pains from following the training schedule which up until a week or so ago had the mileage increasing on a weekly basis. A number of patients were finding that as the mileage increased so did there recovery time and that overuse injuries were appearing.

• Achilles tendonitis
• Anterior compartment syndrome
• Posterior compartment syndrome
• Runner’s knee or iliotibial band syndrome, ITB syndrome.
• Muscle strains

After running a marathon the joints in your legs and back will have suffered from repetitive micro trauma so don’t be surprised if your knees ache. The same goes with your back, don’t be surprised if you have back stiffness in the mornings.

Recovery from the virgin london marathon with sports massage

The repetitive impact of running is absorbed by the discs in the spine and they can suffer therapeutic massage and sprots massage in Islington for recovery form a marathonmicro trauma and take time to recover. For this reason it is important to have a massage on your legs and lower back. According to some experts it can take a month to get over the effects of running the Virgin London Marathon. Why do it!

Massage is a great way of stretching your running muscles, in addition to relaxing aches and soothing pains. Remedial massage is a great way of cleansing your body of many of the sprains, aches and pains that may result from a lengthy run. Runners often use this massage to overcome back, leg and neck ache as muscles and tissue are stretched and tapped to release more blood and ease running aches.

Sports massage and running

The most important outcome of remedial massage treatment is that it reduces pain and enables a return to a normal range of movement and function. Remedial massage essentially involves locating and removing blockages thus creating the conditions for the body’s return to optimal health.

• flushing the fluid through the tissues
• pressing the muscles to release tension
• pressing areas of hardened tissue to break them up
• stretching tissue to restore normal range of movement
• tapping muscles to increase the blood supply and tone the muscles.
• Reduces muscle inflammation
• Reduces muscle soreness
• Reduces muscle tension
• Promotes muscle flexibility
• Increases muscle recover time
• Increases mental alertness and reduces muscle fatigue
• Decreases your chance of developing a muscle injury

Sports massage promotes muscle flexibility by removing lactic acid and it should be part of your post Virgin London Marathon recovery programme. This post marathon recovery programme should be adhered to with the same motivation as the training schedule if post race problems are to be avoided as you return to normal exercise patterns.

Massage immediately before and after a marathon will also help reduce the muscle spasms that occurs with vigorous exercise and help to make the event as pleasurable as it can be!

Good luck to everyone taking part in the Virgin London Marathon and a special good luck to all my patients that are running at the weekend.

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Achilles tendonitis

If you are taking part in the Virgin London Marathon and you want a post race sports massage click below to make an appointment with Julie Curran the sports massage therapist and remedial massage therapist at Islington’s Angel Wellbeing Clinic.

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