Weight Loss at the Angel Wellbeing Clinic

Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

Do you have a history of Yo Yo dieting? Achieved the bikini diet, only to pile on the pounds weeks later? Sick of counting calories and feeling deprived? Sad experience tells us quick fix, fad diets can make us feel dreadful, simply don’t work or may bring initial weight loss followed by quick weight gain!

Special offer!

Through May-July 2016 take advantage of a £30.00 discount when you book & pay for a 3 step package focusing on a personalised weight loss programme.

Consultation 1 – Personal assessment

Building a thorough picture of your past/present health status, dietary habits and lifestyle is crucial to the development of your individual nutrition programme. I will assess potential nutrient deficiencies and evaluate any underlying factors that may be hindering you reaching and sustaining your ideal weight.

Consultation 2 – Personal programme

Having assessed information provided during consultation 1, I will discuss my findings and share with you a realistic, individually tailored dietary programme that will support your desired weight loss whilst encouraging good health! You will receive a personal written report, fact sheets, eating guidelines and supplement programme designed to address any deficiencies and support your weight loss if considered necessary.

Consultation 3 – Follow up assessment - tweaks and changes!

This consultation enables assessment of how the programme is benefiting you, looking closely at whether changes are required and realistically what does and doesn’t work for you. Alterations to any supplements advised may be required.

Nutritional Therapy focuses on realistic, achievable, diet and lifestyle changes, whilst addressing nutrient deficiencies, which may impair weight loss or encourage weight gain.

Why not treat yourself to the body you deserve in preparation for a summer of sarongs or shorts!

For further information call the clinic on 020 7288 2999 or emailpaula@nutrichoice.co.uk
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