How to get a Difficult Child to Sleep

By Eglantine Hallo, Osteopath.

I spend most of my week with mums and babies and I always ask mum's how their child is sleeping. A good night sleep is essential for a growing child but also essential for a mum. Mum's need a good night's sleep too!

Here are some tips that may help you get your child to sleep.

if bedtime is a struggle or your child has difficulty to fall asleep, try the following:

1- Avoid high sugar levels and E number foods for dinner.
2- Switch off all devices 1 hour before bed (no screens).
3- incorporate a bedtime routine that the child will recognise every night. ie: dinner, bath, pyjamas, brushing their teeth and toilet, focus/calming exercise (colouring, reading to the parent when of age) and bed.
4- warn the child of their approaching bedtime and announce routine and get them to agree.
5- you can even set up a reward star chart i.e.: they get a star the next morning for a smooth bedtime.

Here are some useful calming exercises to do before sleep.

This article is by Eglantine Hallo, the osteopath in Islington who specialises in treating mum's and babies. If you are a mum-to-be or a recent mum and want to see Eglantine at our Islington clinic please click below to make an appointment, or call the Islington clinic on 020 7288 2999

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