How can my Nutritional Therapy Expertise help you with your Wellness Goals for 2016?



Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

As a new member of the Angel Wellbeing Clinic I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. Here’s a little information on what I do and why my presence here could be to your benefit!


Sound Familiar?

With the majority of us entering 2016 with a New Year spring in our step it seems the dreaded persistent cough, cold, winter bug and flu have bestowed us!

Perhaps you are struggling to make that full recovery you’d hoped for? Now wishing you hadn’t overindulged in irresistible festive foods and alcohol (digestive grumblings and weight gain…it seemed a good idea at the time!) I’m sure you will agree it’s time to be kind to ourselves, reboot and revitalise, banish those bugs and get ready for a healthy year ahead!

The Way Forward

Whatever your current goal; weight management, an energy boost, immune support, digestive or stress related issues, I can offer you an individually tailored nutrition and health programme that provides practical advice with realistic goals. Taking a detailed history of your health and lifestyle enables me to build a complete picture of you and your health concerns both recent and long term.

I’ll assess your vitamin and mineral status for potential deficiencies and if necessary provide you with a personal supplement programme. You will receive a written report detailing my assessment findings and clearly explaining your dietary plan of action. Laboratory tests may be suggested to determine factors that may be contributing to your health concerns.

I aim to provide my clients with knowledge that enables them to make informed choices around their health and nutrition.

I am offering a 15% discount for those who book and pay for their first two consultations before the end of March 2106.

Happy Health to you all



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