What do you want from Chiropractic Care?

A couple of common questions I am frequently asked are how much treatment do I need? and how long before I get better?

The answer to how much treatment do I need? depends on what you want in the way of health and how you want to benefit from chiropractic care. The answer to the second question is complicated and is dependent on your case history and your lifestyle choices and I will cover this in a later article.

There are five ways that you can benefit from chiropractic care:

Pain relief is the most common place to begin care. Pain is a great motivating factor to seek chiropractic care but stopping care as soon as the pain goes often leads to a relapse. Pain isn’t the problem, it just means that there is damage to tissues such as muscles, ligaments and discs. These tissues takes time to heal and this goes on after the pain has gone.

Corrective care with the symptoms reduced many patients opt to continue with their chiropractic care. Treatment during this phase of care helps stabilise and strengthen the spine as it continues to recover. The corrective care phase helps promote lasting changes and helps avoid a relapse.

Maintenance care is like brushing or flossing your teeth, the goal is to maintain your teeth in a good state of health. Maintenance chiropractic care is the spine version. Regular chiropractic care helps maintain your progress and avoid a relapse. The frequency of visits is dependent on your age, the condition of your spine and the stresses in your life.

Preventative care periodic chiropractic checkups can help catch problems early and prevent relapses as well as helping to prevent new problems from occurring. Preventative care is for those that value their health and take a proactive approach to health.

Wellness care our nervous system is paramount in how we live our lives and in how we experience life. Our spines and nervous system are designed to function a certain way and unfortunately our lifestyles often fall short of this standard. Optimizing our spine and our nervous system is the key to living life to the fullest.

If you want an appointment with our chiropractor click below and we can discuss with you what you want from chiropractic care.

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