5 Ways to Maximise your Health this Winter.

Eat Better – we live hectic and rushed lives and one place to try and cut corners is in eating processed or pre-prepared meals. We need to be eating fresh fruit and vegeteables all year round as this is what we were designed to be powered by. Vitamins and minerals plus fibre are present in fruit and vegetables and this helps us to recover physically and mentally from our daily activities as well as keeping our immune system functioning optimally.

Reduce Stress – think about your life and your daily habits and are they causing you stress. Too much stress increases the production of cortisol and adrenalin and the short term exposure to these chemicals can leave you susceptible to colds and flu as well as leaving your immune system compromised in the long term.

Sleep Well – We all need rest to allow our bodies to recover after a hectic and stressful day and to allow our mind to process the days events. Too little sleep can lead to a decrease in the effectiveness of the immune system increasing our risk of colds and flu as well as affecting our ability to regulate our moods.

Stay Active – I know it is dark before and after work and I know it is cold, wet and miserable outside. Our bodies are designed to be active and not to sit at a computer all day. Get outside at lunchtime and go for a walk or try and walk a bit further before ort after work, maybe to a station or bus stop further away than usual. At the weekends go out for a longer walk and get yourself out of breath!

Get Adjusted – chiropractic adjustments allow the spine to function better and this helps the body deal better with the daily stresses of life. If your spine isn’t functioning optimally your nervous system and health wont be functioning optimally and you wont reach your full potential regarding your health.

Finally, on a Thursday evening we run a wellness class for every new patient that joins the clinic. We find that our clinic members benefit from the education they receive at these talks and this helps them reach their health goals more quickly. We also run specific back care classes on a Tuesday evening for those attending the clinic for back pain.




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