Parent Coaching

The Angel Wellbeing Clinic, Islington, is a family focused clinic and we have a very experienced parent coach at the Cartier Watches Replica Ballon Bleu Islington clinic who believes that parent coaching is about helping a parent be the best parent possible.

Whenever a parent has a concern it is useful to discuss this with the parent coach and find a solution. Pregnant parents or new parents can discuss their parenting styles and anxieties with the parent coach and together find a balanced approach to parenting so their baby can be raised in enjoyable and harmonious family environment. Parents of young children can find a solution to Popular Tag Heuer Replica Watches common toddler issues like tantrums, biting, food issues, sibling rivalry and lack of cooperation during bedtime and sleeping problems.

Our parent coach at the Angel Wellbeing Clinic in Islington supports the parent to develop the skills they need. Sometimes it might be necessary to briefly discuss the parent's childhood to establish how they were brought up as most parents adopt their own parent's or carer's style of parenting.

Our Islington parent coach works closely with the parents to find workable solutions to their parenting concerns by bringing knowledge, information and the latest research findings on parenting to support the parent.


Emua Ali is an experienced and replica horloges qualified parent coach and also the proud parent of four children herself. Emua has worked with parents for over 15 years on both an individual basis and in group settings and has received training and works with the national parent charity Parentline Plus. She has dealt with issues ranging from preparing parents for birth and what to expect from baby in the early months, to toddler tantrums and pre-teen/teenager concerns. Emua is also a member of Parenting UK, a national membership organisation for people working with parents. Emua has been a part of the Islington's Angel replica rolex Wellbeing Clinic for the past year.