Nutritional Therapy at Islington's Angel Wellbeing Clinic

Nutritional therapy is a field of healthcare that uses nutrition to promote peak performance and to prevent or manage a wide range of health concerns.








Paula Jones Nutritional Therapist

‘I believe strongly that developing an understanding of health and nutrition can enable people to make informed choices, maximise their health and put them back in the driving seat of their own wellbeing’

Eat, drink and be healthy!

Paula qualified from the UK College of Nutrition and Health (BCNH) 7 years ago with Distinction. On graduating she became a proud member of the BCNH clinical tutor team, supporting the learning of BSc honours students in clinical practice. During this period Paula also worked as Clinic Director at Good Health Nutrition (the specialist nutritional therapy teaching clinic in association with BCNH) alongside setting up her own nutrition consultation business NutriChoice.

Paula believes strongly that every individual has their very own unique dietary and nutritional requirements particularly when seeking health improvement.
Working closely with her client’s Paula aims to pin point underlying contributing factors to health issues that may otherwise be overlooked. She is passionate about applying functional medicine to nutritional therapy, creating packages for her clients that offer realistic, achievable, diet and lifestyle changes.

Paula enjoys working with both adults and children.

The Functional Model

The Nutritional Therapist at Islington's Angel Wellbeing Clinic uses the Functional Model to assess health. This means that she take a holistic approach, looking at the interplay between different systems in the body, your diet, health and medical history and where possible test results (such as hormones, nutritional status, digestive function). The goal is to identify and address underlying causes of health problems, instead of simply focusing on symptoms.

Your Programme

Our Islington based Nutritional Therapist will make recommendations that will be designed with your health profile and circumstances in mind. Advice from Angel Wellbeing's Nutritional Therapist is practical and achievable, providing you with a complete programme including shopping tips, easy to make, tasty recipes and better food choices when eating out. The priority is to get your diet right, but where appropriate, nutritional supplements can also be recommended.

Finally, a healthy nutrition programme that works with your metabolism and is tailored to your goals - what ever they may be.

Working with your Healthcare Team

Nutritional Therapy can be undertaken alongside conventional treatments from your doctor or other therapies. We often send letters to GPs to keep them up to date, especially if working with clients under medical care.